JOB # 20,020

This three bed, two bath home was built in the 1950’s. The owner wanted to remove three interior walls and a central located brick fire place and reconstruct two exterior walls adding two sliding doors and in-enlarging the windows, remodeled both bathrooms, remove and rebuild kitchen, adding new central heat & air ,add and restore the original hardwood floor, added over 30 can lights , 4 sky lights, wired the house for internet and hard wired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, repair and add patio,upgrade electrical panel,installed irrigation and sprinkler system in front, back and side yard, enlarge driveway, remove and install new grass, add walkways, replace and repair fence. take a look at the before and after pics,

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JOB # 20,010

This home was built in the early 1930’s. the home owner wanted to remove and replace existing bath that had massive dryrought and termite damage and the foundation was unstable, and add a bedroom, laundry room and study, we removed existing structure and replace existing foundation replaced main drainage pipe and main water line, added a french drain with sub-pump.

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JOB# 20,060

This home was built in the 1920’s it is a two bedroom and one bathroom with large basement on a sloped property. The home’s foundation was in need of a lot of repair so we replaced the hole foundation and added improved under house bracing. Braced up roof with new beams. The home had a lot of termite damage because of that we removed and replaced front porch, the basement level walls around entire home. Replaced and updated all the electrical in home. added recessed lighting removed and replaced all cast-iron pluming with A.B.S piping to street. Gutted and rearranged kitchen. leveled out floors. moved side entry door. Replaced single pain windows with dual pain windows. Removed and replaced heat and air unit and all ducting. refinished original hardwood floors and added new hardwood floor to match original. new side walk.new wrought iron stairs and fencing, added laundry room w/ sink.

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JOB# 20,290

This home was hit by a truck shifting 50% of the structure we found that there was no foundation so we poured peirs and new perimeter foundation, rebuilt exterior walls

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This home built in the 1950’s the home owner had use remove the old carport and build a two story garage to accomedate a car lift and a extra large garage doors to fit a R.V.

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